Latest representative achievements

Research and application of key technologies for ultra-low emission of coal-fired units - First Prize of National Technology Invention (2017). 

This project invented a multi-active center high-stability catalyst and regenerative modification integrated technology, which greatly improved the performance of the catalyst; - Wet system regulates multi-field enhanced particulate matter/SO3 removal technology, solves the problem of low removal efficiency of 0.1~1μm fine particles; invents multi-contaminant efficient synergistic removal of ultra-low emission system, realizes complex coal quality and complex work Under the circumstances, more pollution and low-cost emissions. The results of the project have been scaled up in coal-fired units and small and medium-sized thermal power units of different grades in more than 10 provinces and cities nationwide, with a cumulative installed capacity of more than 100 million kilowatts. In the past three years, the company has applied sales of 10.96 billion yuan. The team took the lead in formulating 9 national and industry standards, participated in the formulation of 6 national and industry standards, promoted the scientific and technological progress and industrial development of the industry, and supported the implementation of the national ultra-low emission strategy. The technology and products have been exported to Europe, the United States and the “One Belt One Road” countries. , has won an international reputation.

Key Technology of Rotary Multi-stage Thermal Incineration and Contaminant Control of Hazardous Wastes - Second Prize of National Science and Technology Progress (2017)

The project faces the major environmental protection needs of the national hazardous waste disposal, and has developed a multi-stage new rotary kiln pyrolysis incineration technology that adapts to the hazardous components of complex components and has anti-corrosion and slag self-cleaning functions. The team put forward the optimization control method of hazardous waste incineration and the combined purification technology of pollutants, solved the serious slagging and corrosion problems in the inner wall of the high-salt waste kiln that was difficult to overcome in the early stage, and formed a series of dangerous waste rotary multi-stage pyrolysis incineration integrated technology system. And equipment, the realization of a variety of pollutant emissions far superior to national emission standards, and focus on solving the serious problem of excessive dioxin emissions, the realization of hazardous waste long-term stable pyrolysis incineration disposal, for the harmless treatment of hazardous waste in China Played a positive role in promoting.

Key Technology and Engineering Application for Lightweight Design and Manufacture of Heavy Pressure Vessels - Second Prize of National Science and Technology Progress (2017)

The project is geared to the national major project construction needs, breaking through the technical bottleneck of “adjusting strength, creating design and controlling manufacturing”, and solving the material allowable strength adjustment, high-strength steel performance regulation, heat transfer flow and strength and stiffness coordination design, strain-enhanced process control, etc. Technical difficulties, the establishment of a heavy-duty pressure vessel lightweight design and manufacturing common technical methods, the development of lightweight large-scale vanadium steel hydrogenation reactor, ultra-large butanol heat exchanger, austenitic stainless steel cryogenic vessels and other major equipment. The results have been widely used in domestic design and manufacturing units and enterprises. They have played a key role in breaking through the bottleneck of China's design and manufacturing capabilities and improving the international competitiveness of products. They have effectively promoted the progress of China's pressure vessel green manufacturing technology and achieved outstanding economic and social benefits.

Zhejiang University Clean Energy Utilization Innovation Team - National Science and Technology Progress (Innovation Team) Award (2016)

The team is a high-level research team formed in the long-term scientific research collaboration process. Relying on the national key disciplines of power engineering and engineering thermophysics and a large number of national-level research and teaching bases, facing the country's major needs, aiming at the frontiers of the discipline, in the efficient use of coal, low-grade low-carbon alternative energy utilization technology, energy production process Pollution control technology, energy conversion process computer-aided optimization numerical test (CAT) theory and advanced test methods and other fields have carried out scientific and technological research and collaborative innovation, and obtained a number of original research results with international leading level. The team members include a number of well-known scholars at home and abroad, including academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Yangtze River Scholars, winners of the Outstanding Youth Fund, and chief scientists of the 973 Program. Over the years, it has won 14 national natural science awards, technical invention awards, and scientific and technological progress awards, and 5 national-level teaching achievement awards. It has been awarded the “Labor Model Collective” in Zhejiang Province twice.