Institute of Thermal Power Engineering (ITPE)

The Institute for Thermal Power Engineering (ITPE) of Zhejiang University of China was developed from former Energy Research Institute of the same university. At present, about 50 staffs are employed by ITPE for education and research purposes, which including 1 academician, 23 full professors, 15 associate professors and senior engineer. ITPE provides M.A.Sc. program and Ph.D. program in the area of Thermal Science and Engineering. There are The Clean Energy and Environment Engineering Key Laboratory of Ministry of Education and Institute for Combustion Technology of National CWS Engineering and Technology Center in ITPE. Each year there are over 40 Ph.D. students and about 50 Master students to do their degree work in ITPE. The institute also provides Post Doctorate program. Anyone who got a Doctorate degree from the recognized institutions can apply Post Doctorate fellow in ITPE.

ITPE is a key research and development centre in the area of energy engineering in China. Over thirty R & D projects are carried out in ITPE every year. The projects are awarded by the government as well as the industry. The international cooperative research and development of ITPE is also very active. Several cooperation projects from the United Nations, USA, Canada, Switzerland, Japan and Korea have been finished. There are six divisions: Coal Water Slurry Combustion Division; Fluidized Bed Combustion/Gasification and Sludge Incineration Division; Pulverized Coal Combustion Division; Automatic Control and Instrumentation Division; Engineering Multiphase Flow Division and Waste Heat Utilization Division.

Over the years, The institute has won 1 first Class National Awards for Technological Invention, 1 National Awards for Scientific and Technical Progress (Innovation Team), 2 Second Class National Awards for Natural Science, 3 Second Class National Awards for Technological Invention, 1 third prize, 2 fourth prize, 6 second Class National Awards for Scientific and Technical Progress, 1 third prize, 10 first Class Awards for other provincial and ministerial level Scientific and Technical Progress, 8 second prize.

Major Research Fields

1. Waste Thermal Treatment and Utilization

  • Combustion of Coal Water Mixture in Fluidized Beds

  • Clean Incineration of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW)

  • Incineration of Liquid Waste and Sludge

  • Pyrolysis of Waste to Generate Clean Fuel

  • Zero Dioxin Emission--Ash Melting Technology

  • Bio-oil Generation Technology

  • Gasification of Biomass and Waste

2. Clean Combustion and Gasification

  • Nonlinear Programming-based Coal Blending Optimization and Catalyzed Combustion

  • Novel Coal Water Slurry Combustion

  • Novel Fluidized Bed Combustion Theory

  • Furnace Temperature Field Measurement with Flame Image, NOx Forecast and Combustion Diagnosis

  • Heat Transfer Enhancement and Waste Heat Recovery

3. Multiphase Flow Theory and Computer Aided Test

  • Computer Aided Test to Solve the Wear and Slagging in Pulverized Coal-fired Boilers

  • High Density Two Phase Flow Coherent Structure and Direct Numerical Simulation(DNS)

  • Numerical Simulation Application in Engineering

  • Nonlinear Theory Application in Energy Engineering

4. Energy and Environmental System Engineering

  • Flue Gas Desulfurization Theory and Technology

  • Low NOx Emission of Pulverized Coal-fired Boilers

  • Emission Control of Organic Pollutants (Dioxin etc.) in MSW Incineration

  • Control of Greenhouse Gases

  • Fine Particulate Matter Control

  • Transportation and Control of Trace Organic and Inorganic Pollutants during Combustion

  • Control of Fluorine in Waste and Coal Combustion

  • Mercury Control in Combustion

  • Multi-Pollutants Removal from Flue Gas Using a Corona Radical Shower System

  • Energy Utilization of Biomass and CO2 Control

5. Cogeneration and Comprehensive Utilization of Resources

  • Cogeneration of Heat, Electricity and Fuel Gas

  • Comprehensive Utilization of Coal and Ash

  • Cogeneration of Biomass and Waste

  • New Concept Verification of Coal Conversion Process and Optimization Integration

  • Fuel Cell Based on Biomass Gasification


Institute of Process Equipment

The Institute for Process Equipment of Zhejiang University was established in 1953, it’s the earliest master's degree, doctoral degree, postdoctoral research station and national key discipline of Process Equipment in China, and the key construction discipline of national “211 Project” and “985 Project” science and technology innovation platform.

The Institute has a High-Pressure Process Equipment and Safety Engineering Research Center of ministry of education, which is the affiliated unit of the National High-pressure Fuel Gas Bottle Subcommittee of the National Gas Cylinder Standardization Technical Committee and the Pressure Vessel Branch Design Committee of the China Mechanical Engineering Society, it has the pressure vessel analysis and design qualification issued by the general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine of China, and is the core member of the technical innovation service platform of special equipment and energy environmental measurement industry in Zhejiang province.

The Institute has equipment / material test devices under extreme conditions such as high pressure, deep cooling, high temperature, high speed and complex corrosion, as well as large-scale commercial software such as ANSYS, MSC, fluent, ideas, Unigraphics, etc., which can test and analyze various transient processes, comprehensive performance of large-scale high-speed rotating machinery, comprehensive performance of pressure bearing equipment, noise, process fluid mechanical performance, etc., and can carry out various tests and analyses Three kinds of complex system modeling, simulation, accident virtual reconstruction, implementation of conceptual design and virtual prototype performance evaluation.

In September 2016, the institute was integrated into the school of energy engineering. Over the years, the institute has won 5 National Awards for invention, 5 National Awards for Scientific and Technical Progress, more than 30 provincial and ministerial level Scientific and Technical Progress awards and more than 100 authorized national invention patents, published more than 40 monographs, responsible for formulating more than 10 China's technical specifications and standards for pressure equipment, participated in the formulation of several global technical norms and international standards.


Institute of Refrigeration and Cryogenics

The Institute of Refrigeration and Cryogenic, zhejiang university was established in 1958,it’s one of the earliest institutions to establish refrigeration and cryogenic engineering disciplines. In 2003, it was rated as a key discipline in Zhejiang Province. In 2007, it was rated as a national key discipline, which was one of the three national key disciplines.

the Institute has guided the research direction of national needs and industrial needs, and carried out a large number of cutting-edge research in emerging fields such as solar cooling, energy saving and environmental protection, natural gas liquefaction, thermoacoustic refrigeration, cryobiological, and nano-enhanced heat transfer.

In recent years, the Institute has achieved many research results which have reached the domestic leading level and international advanced level through undertook major projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the 973 Program, the 863 Program, the National Key Technology Research and Development Program of the Ministry of Science and Technology of China, and the Chinese Defense Advance Research Program of Science and Technology etc.

The number of papers published in the field of cryogenic refrigerators ranks second in the world and the field of refrigeration ranks third in the world, and the research results have been received several honorary awards, among which the  key technology and application of cryogenic regenerative refrigeration won the second prize of National Technology Invention Awards in 2014.


Institute of Power Machinery and Vehicular Engineering

The Power Machinery and Vehicular Engineering Institute of Zhejiang University was founded in 1958, it’s one of the earliest internal combustion engine majors in China's higher education institutions.

Based on the major needs of the national economy such as the automobile industry and transportation, the Institute focuses on the application of basic research in the fields of automobile  energy conservation, environmental protection, safety and comfort, and advanced intelligence.

The institute has made fruitful achievements in scientific research. It has undertaken a large number of research projects and international cooperation projects such as the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the 973 Program and the 863 Program to lead theoretical innovation, promote industrial progress, and cultivate high-level R&D and management talents in the automotive field, especially in the engine field.

The institute has won several the first Class Awards for scientific and technological achievements of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the first Class Awards for scientific and technological achievements of the Ministry of Communications, the second Class National Awards for Scientific and Technical Progress, the third Class Awards for National Defense Scientific and Technical Progress, and the first Class Awards for Zhejiang Science Progress.

Institute of Thermal Science & Power Systems

The Institute of Thermal Engineering and Power Systems was founded in 1953 by the former Thermal Engineering teaching and research office and the Thermal Energy and Automation Institute of Power Plants.

The institute mainly teaches core professional basic courses for engineering undergraduates and postgraduates majoring in power engineering and engineering thermophysics, among which Engineering Thermodynamics and  thermal engineering experiment were selected as national quality courses. In 2013, both courses were selected into national quality resource sharing course construction.

In terms of scientific research, there are mainly thermal engineering research and thermal power research in power plants. The institute undertakes a number of national scientific research projects and a wide range of enterprise horizontal projects, including sub-projects of national 973 program, national 863 program, key projects and Item of national natural science foundation and Young Scholars science foundation, etc.