Establishment of international joint research bases/institutions

Joint Laboratory of Combustion Chemistry, Zhejiang University-Stanford University, USA

Joint Center for Hydrogen Energy Research, Zhejiang University-Princeton University, USA

Clean Energy Innovation Center, Zhejiang University-Purdue University, USA 

Bioenergy Utilization Center, Zhejiang University-University of Illinois, USA


Clean Energy Joint Research Center, Zhejiang University-Royal Institute of TechnologyEnergy Utilization Laser Diagnosis Center, Zhejiang University- Lund University, Sweden

International Research Center for Sustainable Energy, Zhejiang University-University of Leeds, UK

Joint Research Centre for CO Emission Reduction and Biomass Energy, Zhejiang University-Durham University, UK

Cooperation Research Center for Energy Utilization of Solid Waste, Zhejiang University-Columbia University, USA

Oxygen-enriched Combustion Joint Laboratory, Zhejiang University-Air Liquide Group of France

Sintering Bed Joint Laboratory, Zhejiang University- BHP Billiton Ltd., Australia

Joint Biomass Center, Zhejiang Province- Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

Collaborative Laboratory for Koloshi Biological Monitoring, Zhejiang University-Nikki Co., Ltd

China Center of the International Council for Waste Energy