Institute of Thermal Science & Power Systems

The  Institute of Thermal Engineering and Power Systems was founded in 1953  by the former Thermal Engineering teaching and research office and the  Thermal Energy and Automation Institute of Power Plants.

The  institute mainly teaches core professional basic courses for  engineering undergraduates and postgraduates majoring in power  engineering and engineering thermophysics, among which Engineering  Thermodynamics and  thermal engineering experiment were selected as  national quality courses. In 2013, both courses were selected into  national quality resource sharing course construction.

In  terms of scientific research, there are mainly thermal engineering  research and thermal power research in power plants. The institute  undertakes a number of national scientific research projects and a wide  range of enterprise horizontal projects, including sub-projects of  national 973 program, national 863 program, key projects and Item of  national natural science foundation and Young Scholars science  foundation, etc.